SPM Castings is a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of non-ferrous fully machined Castings. Our manufacturing facility is located in the city of Pune, Maharashtra in India.
From 2010, we expanded our activities in the area of Gravity Die Casting. We are an ISO 9001-2015 non-ferrous foundry specialising in Gravity Die Castings of aluminum and other non-ferrous alloys (Zinc, Nickel, Copper etc.)
Gravity Die Casting Process, is an ideal for medium to large batch manufacturing. It is superior than the 'Sand Casting Process' in terms of 'geometrical accuracy' and 'aesthetic appeal'.
GDC can handle a wider range of heat-treatable aluminum alloys than Pressure Die Casting (PDC).
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To be a Company creating products with complete honesty and ownership towards customer excellence and satisfaction
  • Committed for continuous excellence.
  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction .
  • Purpose - Complete Awareness.
  • Responsibility - Complete Ownership.
  • Virtue - Being Honest.


Quality Control

Strict control is maintained at all stages to assure the best quality product that meets our customers' needs.

Quality System

We have a well defined Quality System and process manual as part of our compliance with ISO 9001-2015. This allows for a systematic approach to be taken in every facet of the business, and it is presented in the form of clearly drawn flowcharts for each department.

Quality Manual

In addition, we have a Quality Manual that outlines the company's quality management approach. Additionally, it outlines the company's Quality policy and its goals, which are widely disseminated across the business and evaluated on a regular basis in an effort to enhance quality.


ISO 9001-2015.


Connector Pump
Coupling Castings
Cylinder Head-2
Cylinder Head
Dc Motor Parts 2
Dc Motor Parts
H.T. Clamp
H.T. Connector
Hand Fuel Pump
Motor Flanges
P.G. Clamp
Pneumatic Valves 2
Pneumatic Valves-3
Pneumatic Valves 1
T90 Water Pump
TEE Casting
Temperature Cease
U Connector 2
U Connector
UTD Water Pump


Sunil Pandit

Managing Director